When will I see results from Propecia?

The earlier you decide to treat yourself with Propecia, the better it will work.  Your results will depend on where you are in the hair loss progression.  Propecia, however, does seem to work for those in all stages of male pattern hair loss, simply that its efficacy varies due to start time.  You must use Propecia for 12 months to see all its results!
The effects of Propecia vary depending on where you are in its use.  As you can see in the diagram below, hair regrowth is more likely to happen in the first two years of treatment.  However, after five years of use, users of Propecia experienced less hair loss.
MPHL Treatment Results MPHL Treatment Results
Propecia will continue to be effective only as long as you take it.  Unfortunately, this means you will have to take Propecia for as long as you want to prevent hair loss.  Results you have achieved will disappear once you stop taking it.  If you for some reason cannot afford to continue treatment with Propecia, generic Propecia is a good alternative and just as effective.  Order generic Propecia online from India – it is a cheaper way to continue using Propecia.


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over 2 and 5 years MPHL Treatment Results
Timeline for Results

Stick with it to see results.
Although some men may notice a slowing of hair loss in as little as 3 months, some men see visible results in 6 months and it can take 12 months to see the full benefit.

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