Surgical Solutions

Welcome to Hair Living’s surgical solution center.  We aim to tell you about the pro’s and con’s of various surgical solutions for hair loss, mainly hair transplants.  There’s two types of hair transplants.

  1. Regular “Strip Method”– In this method, you get stitches and have a linear scar that hides under the hairline.  According to doctors, the strip method is conducive to better quality grafts in more grafts and in less time.
  2. “FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction” – In this method,  there are no stitches.  It works by attaching an individual follicular unit graft.  There are no stitches and no scars.  This method is more time consuming, more expensive and you have to shave the donation area.  However, the healing is faster and the pain (compared to the other method) is less.  This method is also good because you can take hair follicles from other areas of your body (BHT – body hair transplant.)
  • Hair Transplant: The Costs
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