Biotin is another element in those expensive vitamin mixes that is actually quite affordable. I put a few examples for you, there are varying strengths and types (like veggie caps). Biotin is also a popular (and effective) addition to hair thickening shampoos as well, but be assured, it’s a normal thing to ingest.  Biotin helps build up the proteins that make your hair – from the inside out.  Unlike using biotin shampoos, the biotin supplements for hair loss will actually make your hair stronger as it grows.  Biotin supplements can be great for people who are suffering from hair loss or those who have problems with hair breaking off at the root or even split ends.

Just remember, the biotin works only in new hair growth and will take up to 3 months to see results.  Good luck!

Biotin Pills

Biotin 5 mg 60 Tabs

Biotin Lozenges

Biotin 100 Lozenges

Biotin Pills with Zinc

Biotin Forte 3 mg w/ Zinc 60 tabs

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