Nettle (Stinging Nettle)

They say that nettle is also a good supplement to take if you’re trying to prevent hair loss. It’s in all of the expensive vitamin blends, so don’t double buy it if you’re taking the blends! If you want to save money, but the nettle on its own, it’s really quite affordable. Not only does it prevent hair loss, it’s also great for your prostate health, prevents bladder infections and makes you pee less at night. Proponents of stinging nettle also say it prevents allergies, like hay fever. Sounds like a win-win! Comes in pills, liquid and tea.

Nettle Pills:

Stinging Nettle Root Extract 250 mg 90 Vcaps

Nettle Liquid:

Nettle Leaf AF 1 oz

Nettle Tea:

Nettle Leaf Tea 24 Bags

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