What is it?

Provillus is a vitamin and herb blend.  Some sites claim that Provillus is some sort of marketing scam, but it’s actually not.  The makers are very clear and open about what they are selling and if you like it, buy it, if not, then don’t!

The fact is that you could buy the various components of Provillus separately and make your own hair loss vitamins if you wanted doesn’t mean that Provillus is a scam.  Not everyone wants to make his or her own vitamin mixes.  That said, you can purchase elements of the Provillus if you want, like Vitamin B6, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Magnesium or Saw Palmetto (just some of the hair loss vitamins and supplements in Provillus) or just buy the Provillus.  It’s your choice, but definitely not a scam.

  • Does Provillus work?
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