Does Provillus work?

Yep, Provillus seems to cause hair growth and hair regrowth!

I’m not sure how much more effective this hair loss supplement (meaning specifically mixed as a hair loss treatment) grows hair versus hair loss vitamins and supplements taken not as a blend.  If you like the idea of a natural remedy for hair loss, Provillius is a good solution.  If you don’t want to pay for this mix, try buying hair loss vitamins and supplements separately.  The fact is that it’s a reputable company who did their research and they chose this blend for a reason.  If you think it’s ridiculous to pay so much for the blend, buy your vitamins and supplements separately.

It’s also questionable as to whether this would help people who are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, synthetic hormones or medications.  If you don’t discontinue the root cause of your hair loss, it’s quite possible that a vitamin therapy would be ineffective.  However, since it’s just vitamins and supplements, it’s a much less dramatic intervention for hair loss!  Meaning: as long as your doctor says it’s OK, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take vitamins and supplements even if you’re still being exposed to the cause of your hair loss.  When the time comes when you’ve finished chemo, ended hormone therapies or stopped taking steroids, your hair body will contain the elements that help hair regrowth.

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