Prince William – The Bald Head Obsession

Prince William is experiencing hair loss – this is obvious, but the media obsession with this has reached disproportionate levels.  Newspapers have suggested that he’s settling down to get married because he’s losing his hair.  Celeb gossipers have said the same.  People have been downright cruel regarding this natural, common and normal thing we call balding.  A recent NYT article goes into great depth about the insecurities of men who are losing their hair.  But seriously folks, I think this is just trite!

I don’t think he’s even noticed that he’s losing his hair.  Most men who are losing their hair and are in the stage of Prince William tend to do something about it OR don’t care.  Seems to me that he’s not worried a bit about his hair loss, so much so that he’s may not have even noticed.  What man in this stage of hair loss lets it grow so long and unruly?  One who is unaware of his hair loss or just doesn’t care.  A man who is a prince could buy more hair if he wanted, let’s be realistic here.

The long of the short is this:

Women don’t care what a guy’s hair looks like when he’s wearing a stinky cologne called insecurity.

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