Hair Conditioning (& or stregnthening) Spray

How does hair conditioner work on different hair loss or hair condition problems?

Hair conditioning spray is useful for a number of conditions.  It is useful for the following situations: dry hair, hair breaking off at the roots, traction alopecia (that is curable), preventing traction alopecia, hair thinning/loss due to dietary issues (vitamin b deficiencies, iron deficiency (anemia), hair loss from smoking cigarettes or marijuana, hair loss from a chemical (once exposure to toxin ends),  and male or female pattern hair loss.

How does leave-in hair conditioner or work?

For each condition, there are components of the hair conditioning spray (or leave-in conditioner, or shine enhancer).  Here’s a few examples of ingredients and what they do (just some I have used before).

Some Hair Conditioning Ingredients & What They Do:

Panthenol – Conditions hair and prevents breakage due to fragility.

Wheat Proteins – Protect hair from the outside and smooths out breakage or split ends and also prevents split ends.

Keratin – Works in a similar way as wheat proteins to strengthen hair.

Borage Oil (& other Omega 3 oils) – This oil is an Omega-3 and can help people with male pattern baldness or other hair falling out issues.  It can prevent hair loss and even encourage hair regrowth.

Vitamins – Watch out for vitamin B, biotin, vitamin E and other assorted vitamins in hair conditioning sprays.  Vitamins applied directly to hair don’t work on the root, but they can help.  However, it’s important to remember that if you are having a problem with the absorption of vitamins (being sick), then adding them topically isn’t fixing the source of your problem.

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