Androcrur (Cyproterone Acetate)

This is a prescription drug to combat extreme hirsutism (facial hair growth) and hair loss in women. It is not available for purchase in the United States. I’m not really sure why it isn’t, since other countries like the UK seem to think it’s fine. My best advice is to read up on it:

It has a number of uses, such as birth control, hormones for people undergoing gender transitions (male to female), controlling hypersexuality. Basically it suppresses testosterone, which in the case of women and hair loss, is a good thing.

If you see the names Androcur, Cyprostat,Cyproteron, Procur, Cyprone, Cyprohexal, Ciproterona, Cyproteronum, Neoproxil, Siterone, they’re the same thing.

If you’ve read up on it and consulted your doctor who says it’s a good drug for you, it’s time to buy cyproterone acetate online or you can buy generic cyproterone acetate. The brand name is super expensive (IMHO) so go for the generic Androcur if you’re going to buy it.

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