Iron Supplements

Anemia is one of the most common causes of hair loss in women.  But did you know that many multi-vitamins do NOT come with iron in them?

If you’re having an iron deficiency (anemia), assuming that a multi-vitamin will help you could be wrong!  If you are losing hair due to anemia, taking iron pills is a good option. Eating foods rich in iron is another option.  The causes of anemia are many – vegetarian diets that lack iron, poor iron absorption, not enough iron intake or just plain old being a women (iron levels drop because of your period!)

There are many options for iron supplements.  I personally recommend any sort of “easy iron” because it’s softer on the stomach.  Regular iron can cause a bit of cramping (at least with me), so the easy to digest kinds work better.  Not because they necessarily “work better” but because I don’t mind taking them regularly because they have no side effects.  Please leave comments if you have experience with any of these products.


The most simple and cheapest: 40mg/90pills
Iron - 40 mg 90 Tabs

Vegan Iron, 25mg/100 pills

Vegan Iron 100 Tabs

Organic Iron

True Organics Iron 60 tabs

Liquid Iron

Liquid Iron 8 Fl Oz

Ultra: Sustained Release Iron

Ultra I Iron Free Sustained Release 60 Tabs

Iron Ease (for easier digestion)

Iron Ease 60 Caps

Ultimate Iron (with additives to help absorption)

Ultimate Iron 90 Gels

Iron + Multi-vitamins or Other stuff

Chewable Iron with Vitamin C and other herbs

Chewable Iron w/ Vitamin C & Herbs 90 Tabs

Energizing Iron Pills

Energizing Iron 90 Softgels

Vegan Iron + Multivitamin

Vegan One Multiple=

Alive! Multivitamin with Iron

Alive! Multivitamin with Iron 90 Tabs

Food Source Iron + C

Food Source Iron with Vitamin C 30 VCaps

Herbal Iron: Liquid Iron +

Herbal Iron Liquid - Yeast Free 8.5 fl oz

Liquid B with Iron

Liquid B-Complex With Iron 8 oz

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