Facts about Iron

Got Anemia?  Check out 5 Interesting Facts about Iron!

1.) Not all beans are alike!  Did you know small red beans and Adzuki beans have the highest amount of iron? (45% and 25% per serving respectively)

2.) The way you prepare your food affects its iron levels.  Did you know that 1/2 cup of steamed Spinach has 40% of your daily serving of iron? BUT eating it raw has almost no iron!

3.) Iron can cause poisoning!  Children have died from taking as little as 200 mg of Iron and adults can also become very ill.  Choose your dose wisely with your doctor and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

Maximum Levels of Safe Iron Intake

Age Males
7 to 12 months 40 40 N/A N/A
1 to 13 years 40 40 N/A N/A
14 to 18 years 45 45 45 45
19 + years 45 45 45 45

4.) Vitamin C helps absorb non-animal source (heme) Iron. If you’re a vegetarian, a deficiency in Vitamin C could be causing your food sources of Iron to under perform. Make sure you’re good on Vitamin C if you’re only source of Iron isn’t from animals. Vegetarians who do not eat any animal products could need almost twice as much dietary iron each day as non-vegetarians because plant-based iron doesn’t absorb as efficiently as animal-based.

5.)If you engage in intense exercise, you might need more iron!  As red blood cells replenish, they lose their iron and this can cause anemia.  Studies show that those who exercise vigorously and frequently can need up to 30% more iron than those who don’t.

DISCLAIMER: Anemia is almost always experienced by women of child bearing age.  While all people who think they have anemia should consult a doctor, women in menopause or men should be particularly diligent about seeking out doctor’s advice before taking iron supplements, as it is highly unlikely that they are actually anemic.

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