Common Practices that Cause Hair Breakage at the Root

What is causing your hair to break off at the root?  Here’s a short list of the most common culprits:

Hair dye, bleach and color causes hair to break at the root.

1.) Hair Dye

Dying your hair might make it look good, but if it causes hair to break off, how cute is that?  Hint: it’s not cute at all!  In order to minimize damage, try not bleaching hair out every time you want to dye.  Try doing touch-ups at the root in place of a whole-head dye.  Natural dyes, like henna, or less chemical commercial dyes will help you keep your hair healthier.

If you are checking out products that claim to be natural, investigate exactly what makes them natural.  A regular chemical dye with oil in it does not make a difference to the damage the chemicals will cause.  Also be aware that the fine hairs around your face are more likely to be damaged by hair dye.

Bleached Hair + Chlorine = Hair Death!

2.) Hair Bleaching/Dying and Environmental Damage

While bleaching your hair might not cause the breakage, it makes your hair vulnerable.  Relatively healthy bleached (or dyed) hair, combined with chlorine, environmental pollutants, smoke or sun can soon start to break at the root.  Protect hair with a leave-in conditioner daily.

Using a hair iron? You could be breaking your own hair!

3.) Straightening & Heating

Using a flat iron, hair dryer or getting blow outs can and will cause hair breakage at the root.  Check out why straightening hair breaks it and a wonderful list of tips on using hair irons without causing damage.

I understand that for some women, it’s a “must” to straighten hair, so I don’t suggest stopping this.  Simply that there are ways to do this safely and effectively while causing less damage to your hair.

Most importantly when using hair irons or blow dryers is to use the least amount of heat possible! Flat Iron Experts - Online Beauty Shop

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