What does traction alopecia look like?

Traction alopeica looks different depending on how you got it. Here’s a collection of traction alopecia pictures showing different kinds of hair loss.

The first two are of Naomi Campbell and it seems like this hair loss is from weaves and lace front wigs.  You can see she’s got a chance to grow it back in some places, but possibly not in others.  When the skin is bare, it could mean permanent hair loss.  You can also see the difference between hair loss from a weave (hair is missing in the front and sides) and from a ponytail (hair loss is in a different pattern.

weave hair loss, traction alopecia

traction alopecia from braids, ponytail hair loss, braid hair loss, African American hair
traction alopecia, lace front wig hair loss

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