Telogen Effuvium (Stressful Event)

Did you experience a stressful event in the three months before your hair loss?  It could be the cause of your hair loss.  Stress, physically or emotionally, can definitely cause hair loss.

How does it look?:  Hair seems to be falling out and thinning all over.

Causes: Hormonal, nutritional, drug-related, stress related or loose-anagen syndrome.  From 6 weeks to three months after a stressful event, like having a child, malnourishment, infection, surgery or major stress, your hair can stop growing.

Who does it affect the most?:  Young people with very light hair may have loose-anagen syndrome.  But in general, this can affect anyone.

Solutions: Before you go spending tons of money on expensive (and possible ineffective!) solutions, you must look closer at your hair loss.  Did you start taking any medications that coincide with your hair loss?  Did you make any major life changes that coincide with the start of your hair loss?  Any changes in your diet?  Talk to your doctor about trying to find the cause.  In the meanwhile, it can’t hurt to avoid stress, use some thickening shampoo and a hairbrush that will help you retain your hair.  Buy yourself a massage chair or an afternoon at a spa!  And relax!  If stress is the cause of your hair loss, it will grow back!

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