Triangular Alopecia (Hair Loss at Temples)

How does triangular alopecia look?

Hair is thinning and lost around the temple areas of the head and can begin during childhood.  In fact, it usually begins noticeably during childhood.  If this hair loss is something new, it is probably not triangular alopecia, though check with your doctor to be sure.

What does triangular alopecia do?

It can cause complete baldness or just extreme thinning or leave a “peach fuzz” behind. Pay attention to where this starts, and rule out traction alopecia.

If you have (or think you have) triangular alopecia

First, go to a doctor for a diagnosis! Recent research suggests that hair transplants can help or topical solutions, such as clobetasol propionate gel or intralesional triamcinolone*.  If you have been prescribed Clobevate, you can buy generic clobevate online.

Is Triangular Alopecia the same as “Temporal alopecia” and “Temporal triangular alopecia”?



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